We are a Texas company, with offices in Dallas Texas, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Mumbai/Kochi, India – and specialize in chemicals manufacturing. We supply pulp and paper mills with products that span pulping, paper making chemicals, and water treatment solutions. Our Company is committed to quality and has adopted all the principals necessary for manufacturing of quality products.

We also provide extensive digital solutions that include efficient business process, planning ahead for process, logistics handling, modeling and simulation, and artificial intelligence.

We are a 100% minority owned company and deeply involved in building relationships with companies with government contracts. We are members of the Governor of Texas’s Diversity Business Enterprise forum.  We actively work toward mentoring new entrants to this area as well as assist in incubating firms. We are certified by the local Minority Development Council as a Minority business.

The core strength of the company lies in its well-equipped state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and R&D center. We frequently collaborate with internationally reputed speciality chemical manufacturers to gain an edge in  the development of new products and upgraded technologies.

Why Choose Us?

  • At MSD it has been our constant endeavour to bring out the best products , services and the latest technology in the industry. Backed by highly experienced technocrats, we always strive to deliver the best of services.
  • Our enthusiastic professional team, technology experts and technical infrastructure provides a competitive edge to accomplish any goal. Our products are specifically designed according to our customers requirements and plant conditions .

  • We understand that quality improvement is an unending process – which is why we continuously strive to upgrade our technology by enlisting the services of international chemical technology consultants and partners.